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    Our clients have specific needs that need to be met. By understanding more than just the numbers of your business, we can help with other aspects of your business. Increasing profits through better business advice is just one way in which we assist our clients in reaching goals.

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How to Enter Cash Shortages and Overages

How to Enter Cash Shortages and Overages

Coming up with cash shortages and overages are a common occurrence in accounting.  This is especially true in service businesses such as restaurants and bars.  The overages and shortages are used in your ledger when the cash … [Read More...]

Accrual VS Deferral

Accruals VS Deferrals

The simplest way to differentiate between accruals and deferrals is to note that the former happens before any payments or receipts and the latter happens after the payments or receipts.  One important thing to remember is … [Read More...]


An Introduction to Marginal Tax Rates

Tax rates are the percentage of your income or sale price that must be paid to the government. Marginal tax rates are described as the tax rate paid on the last dollar of your income. The concept of a marginal tax rate only … [Read More...]